Refinement of long, skinny triangles


MMG looks like a really nice tool! I work with surface triangle mesh models that contain a lot of long, skinny triangles. We ray trace on these. meshes and the long triangles aren’t great for performance in our bounding volume hierarchy. They often appear in these fan-like shapes that we refer to as high-valance regions.

Image from a production model:

If we were able to isolate these regions, is that something that MMG could refine? And if so, would it be able to do so without changing the boundary?




Such cases may be hard for Mmg. You can consult the following post for a discussion on this : Wrinkles in surface mesh with Mmgs

I am sorry to not have a better answer.
Do not hesitate if you have more questions.

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Hi Algiane,

Thanks for your reply! I’ll keep an eye on that other thread for any developments.