Windows compilation succed with VisualStudio


I succed compiling MMG using CMake and VisualStudio. I have prepare a fork ready to merge. The things added by the fork are:

  1. Adding configure scripts, both Unix and Windows
  2. Adding installation description to the README:md


Best regards

Vicente Mataix

Hi Vicente,

I’m glad that you succeed to compile with VisualStudio.

Thank you for your contribution, we will be very happy to integrate your documentation on the Windows installation.

For the scripts you provide, I think that they are too specific to be commited in the project repository (we prefer to let the user free of its configuration options). But if you agree, I will add a section in the Setup Guide of the Wiki with your examples of scripts. Thus, the other users can use its as framework to create their own scripts.

Let me know if it is ok for you.



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For me is OK, feel free to take what you like and discard what you don’t.

I made the scripts in order to make easier the compilation, in order to be more attractive toward new users and developers (when you discover a new library sometimes you just want to compile, test and move on).

In any case maybe in Windows is a little bit more mandatory (MinGW is not straightforward to use)

Any chance you could share your Windows build? Here or at Github?
I would like to try to test-run try this workflow:

Use the configure.bat from

(It is a fork, I just updated to the last)

If you don’t want to use a fork you can see what is different respect the original master:

It builds fine using CMake on Visual Studio. I don’t see why you need a fork.

The fork only contains the CMake bat file, basically. I have the fork only to have a place to store that file :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it bad form to version files in the build/ folder directly, since I often end up deleting the entire folder when I want to rebuild from scratch.

So no Windows build exists?

I do not have the guts to compile it myself(I newer succeded to learn that stuff).

You can compile it yourself, just use CMake:


Thanks everybody for your contributions to this forum.

@tintwotin You can try to use this
binaries (764.7 KB) (for windows x86_64).

I am not a windows expert so please tell me if you have trouble. If it works, let me know, I will add it to the Mmg precompiled released.



Thank you very much. It seems to be processing the test.mesh file fine. Now I’ll try to test it agains the above mentioned Blender add-on. :slight_smile: