Using MMG with prisms

The library in theory is compatible with the re-meshing of prisms (or wedges), but if I try to remesh a problem with just prisms it complains that there are not tetrahedra:

%% out_step=5.mesh OPENED
Check that your mesh contains points and tetrahedra.
Exit program. (15.1 KB)

I am using the last version in master branch in GitHub compiled with GCC8.


Mmg preserves the prisms entities but it doesn’t re-mesh it : it re-meshes the tetrahedral part of the mesh and preserves the interface with the prisms entities. This feature is useful for example if your initial mesh contains a prismatic boundary layer.

Thus, if your mesh doesn’t contains tetrahedra, Mmg has nothing to do and it is useless to give it your mesh. It is why Mmg complains.



I see, as MMGS was able to remesh triangles in 3D I assumed that the MMG3D was able to remesh prisms using the “medium fiber” of the prism and extruding again.

Thanks for the help

You’re welcome,

For now the time is missing but it will be interessant to add this feature!