Tetmesh from triangulated surface

First of all, a quick thanks to mmg for making this tool available to all.

I need help in generating a tetrahedral mesh from a triangulated surface. For example, I have a triangulated surface in a XXX.mesh file and want to create the tet-mesh for this surface, without modifying the surface mesh and having to specify level sets. Ideally I could provide hmax and hmin and hgrad.

I have not found such an example in the tutorials or in the forum, therefore, could you please further assist with this?

Thanks kindly for your help,

Dear Chris,

Unfortunately, Mmg doesn’t provide a mesh generation tool allowing to generate a tetrahedral mesh from a triangulated surface. (The mesh generation tool exists only for two-dimensional meshes).

The only way to generate a volume mesh with Mmg is to use the signed distance function of the surface and to discretize its 0 level-set. And as you already know, this method modify the surface mesh.




thanks for the info and getting back to me so quickly. Unfortunate that it is not possible but mmg is still a great tool!