Specifying a Parameter file with a Gmsh file


I am using mmg2d with a Gmsh file as input for anisotropic remeshing.
The metric field is appended in the Gmsh file as a NodeData.
I would like to specify the Hausdorff parameter on selected boundaries,
and a Parameter file seems to be the way to do it.
However, I don’t know how I can specify the boundary reference coming from a Gmsh file.
Are both files compatible? Is there by any chance an example somewhere?

Thank you for your time!

Hello Arthur,

When you create a physical group in gmsh, you can deselect Automatic and decide a “Tag” number for the boundary. This tag is used by gmsh when exporting the .mesh file. You can refer the boundary using this tag number.

if you are using a geo script file for automation, you can specify the tag as second argument to the function.
Physical Curve("bnd_name", 9) = {5, 6, 7, 8};
Here 9 is the reference used by gmsh when saving the .mesh file.

Best regards,
Sourabh Bhat

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Hello Sourabh and thanks for your answer!

I use a .msh file instead of a .mesh file, but the boundary tags are the same and it seems to be working!

Thanks a lot,