Sol file not read correctly?

I am trying to use mmg3d in order to adapt a mesh according to a computed metric.
I save my metric in a .sol file containing the entries [m11 m12 m22 m13 m23 m33] in this order and then I call the application as:

mmg3d_O3 mesh.mesh -sol mysol.sol

However, I sometimes get the error
ERROR: WRONG METRIC AT POINT […] – eigenvalue […] --det […]
– metric value_1 value_2 value_3 value_4 value_5 value_6

If I check inside the .sol file, I cannot find any of the value_i returned as error.

I am using MMG3D, Release 5.1.0 (Dec 4, 2015)

Any help?


Can you copy here one of the metric value that fail please (with the output error message)?

I think that you get this error because Mmg cannot find the eigenvalues of your matrix (or because it find at least one negative eigenvalue)…