Remesh with levelset and preserve bars (edges) refs

Hello, I’m trying to remesh a domain with a level-set and keeping at the same time the refs for some object (need this for 3D 2D 1D elements) . A have a boundary condition on a edge so a taged the element with the ref 160 but after the remesh the ref is lost, any idea if this feature is supported.

Y tried putting the edges in the ridges and/or the requirededges with no succes.

Using MMG3D, Release 5.4.3 (Feb. 26, 2020)

command line : mmg3d_O3 -ls 0.0 -nr -hmin 0.01 -hmax 0.1 -hausd 0.1 -hgrad 1.0 MmgMesher_meshfile -out MmgMesher_solution.solb

MmgMesher_meshfile.mesh (702.0 KB) MmgMesher_meshfile.sol (85.7 KB)


Hello Felipe,

Indeed, Mmg was loosing the edges references. I have commited a correction in the develop branch (commit 6f8b01bad). Please, let me know if you still have troubles with this version.

Moreover, I have noticed that you provide only few boundary triangles inside your input mesh and that these triangles have the 0 reference.

In this case Mmg will complete the list of boundary triangles by creating the missing ones and it uses the reference of the adjacent tetra as triangle reference (0 too on your mesh). It means that finally, your mesh have lot of triangles with 0 references and that Mmg can not differenciate anymore those provided as input (so the domain that they represent is not preserved). To avoid this issue, you can simply use a different ref for your input triangles than the tetra ref. I attach the results obtained with your input mesh (left) and the same mesh where input triangles have the reference 1 (right) .




I’m going to test the develop version right away.

for the triangles refs, I have to do some investigation.

thanks again,