Provide example mesh files


Dear developers,
I want to try mmgs. For that I wanted to start with the linkrods tutorial.
However I can not download the example mesh linkrods.mesh.
Could you provide the mesh on the webpage for download in the tutorial section. That would make things very easy and testing mmgs would be more attractive.
Best regards


Dear Konrad,

Thank you for trying mmgs.
I have just added the meshes associated to the mmgs tutorials (you can see it by clicking on the mesh name).

Best Regards,



Dear Algian,
thanks for providing the examples. Would also be possible to provide a viewing program where I can look at the mesh. Or could you give me directions which program to use?


Dear Konrad,

One visualisation tool that you can use is MEDIT



Thank you for your answer Nikos,

The repository of Medit has been moved very recently, so the in the previous page, the link to download the software is broken. You can find the last version of Medit here.