Preservation of the input element references in level-set mode (ß test in 2D)

In level-set mode, mmg2d allows now to:

  • assign the wanted references to the elements of a given reference splitted by the level-set
  • forbid the split of a domain of given reference.

For this, you need to use a parameter file. See the example below.

Input :

The multi-mat parameter file specifies that the input mesh contains 5 different domain references and assign the rules to follow during the level-set meshing:

  • The reference 12 must not be splitted;
  • The reference 14 must be splitted into the ref 2 and 3;
  • the reference 8 into 21 and 22;
  • etc…

The inital and final mesh and some of their references are shown below.

To test this new feature, you only have to pull the develop branch of Mmg.