Poor mesh quality in T-junctions

For my study I am trying to improve the quality of the mesh while preserving the edges (yellow line in the picture). But in the T-junction (green line) I get lower quality elements. In addition, the size of the edges in the T-connection is small (at the same time, the Hausdorff parameter is quite large). When starting mmgs I use the following parameters: -optim -hausd 0.4. How can I improve the quality of the mesh and increase the size of the edges in the T-junctiontest_mesh.mesh (75.6 KB)



Mmgs supports only partially non-manifold meshes (meshes with surfaces that intersect with T-junctions) because it doesn’t handle adjacency relationships in a way that allows more than 1 adjacent per triangle edge. Thus, Mmgs:

  • can insert nodes at T-junction during rough surface mesh adaptation (see the algorithm overview);
  • but is not able to insert nodes along T-junction during fine surface mesh modifications;
  • and is not able to collapse nodes along such a junction at all.

I am sorry to not be able to help you more.

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