Mmgs relabeled edges between regions

Dear all,
I recently updated mmg using the github installation described here : Downloads – Mmg Platform. I used it to perform level set remeshing on surface meshes. However, there is a behavior that seems new and undesirable to me. Indeed, let say I have a mesh with two regions and an edge like the following one :

and I use the command
mmgs_O3 ls.64.mesh -sol ls.64.sol -ls 0 -out out.mesh
which remesh along a level-set which lies near the yellow edges, then it keeps the previous edges AND remesh the levelset:

(you can see a bit both edges that overlap).
However, with the previous version of mmg I used, all the references in the old mesh where ignored in the output mesh, which is what I want. Here it seems like the option -keep-ref is activated by default. Could you help me overcome that ?
Thank you very much.

Files to replicate :

ls.64.mesh (1.6 MB)
ls.64.sol (330.8 KB)