MMGS : improve mesh quality

Dear All,

I am trying to remesh the attached cylinder,
before.mesh (704.0 KB) before.o.mesh (1.4 MB) before.o.sol (48.4 KB) before.sol (23.9 KB)

With constant metric equal to 1 (i.e. the edge size in the original mesh), and hmin=0.75, hmax=1.25, hgrad=2 et hausd=1. However, the quality of the resulting mesh is not as good as I expected. Is it possible to improve it?
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Dear Xavier,

The issue is due to the presence of lot of “corners” entities inside the input file. As corners can’t be deleted or moved, the remesher has very few degrees of freedom to improve the mesh.

If you don’t really need this corners, you can just add a “0” before the number of corners so Mmg will ignore this entities (see the before-no-corners.mesh (704.0 KB) file) and you will obtain a better mesh.

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Thank you very much, it’s perfect!