Mmg licensing question

Recently i raised a licensing question for redistributing mmg within my software. I was asked to share this here. Please see the email conversation below:

My question:
"I am looking into creating my own company for developing simulation software and I would like to utilize mmg. The plan is to sell the software for an annual license fee.
Now, I would like to utilize mmg as is (compiled as .exe); i am not making changes to it. The communication between my software and mmg would be via standard mmg file formats and command line execution. Given these circumstances, is it possible to distribute mmg for free within my commercial software by additionally applying to the GNU Lesser General Public License? "

Mmg answer:
"’Im glad that you find Mmg useful.
As I understand the LGPL, you can distribute Mmg for free inside your software since you refers explicitly that Mmg is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License and do not modify the copyright of Mmg"

I hope you all find this useful!
Thanks Chris

Hello Chris,

Thanks a lot for sharing this here.