Keep track of volume references


I started to use mmg3D for a few days, for automatic remeshing volume meshes. The software is amazing and fast !

I have experienced few difficulties, and I share here the first : I want to insert in a existing mesh A new volumes insides, defined by a set of level-sets. However, I wish to do it (maybe need to) in several steps : defining a first level set and remeshing A that give me B (with 2 volume references) and then remesh B with another levelset that give me C. (the second level set is defined on B since the mesh has changed).

I woud have expected that C posses at least 3 (maybe more) volume references. However, the first volume ref of B are lost, and only 2 ref remains in C. Btw, I need all the volumes at the end.

Is there a simple way to do it ? otherwise, i guess I need to re-evaluate the level sets on the last mesh C to reconstruct all the subvolume…

Thank you in advence

Hello Bastien,

This feature is still experimental, but you can discretize a second levelset while preserving the first one if you use this branch:

A short tutorial is given in this post: Offset mesh surface

Do not hesitate to come back to us if you encounter any problem or bug.


P.S. Sorry for the late reply, due to summer holidays we can only guarantee limited user support until August 15th.