How to use Binutils?

I wanted to read an elf file and they say I should download binutils for windows. I did that, and now how do I use it? I see many executables in the bin file but when I double click on them, they open and close immediately? I am new to this, and there is no mention of how to use them, do they assume I already know what to do with these files?

Update: Ok, I figured it out. I just had to hold shift, right click on the directory where the bin files are located and run command prompt. Then I can type my commands. In my case I used


But then it lists mangled function names from that .so lib file. How do I get unmangled function names and their arguments?


Are these questions related to the Mmg software?


well, I just searched for Mingw forums and it brought me here.

Weird! :-D.

You will have more chances to have an answer directly on MinGW web site or on generalist website like StackOverflow.