How to preserve boundary elements with mmgs?

Dear developers,

I was trying to use mmgs to remesh the interior part of a surface mesh with open boundary. To be specific, I’d like to make the mesh coarser in the interior while keeping the 1d segments on the open boundary unchanged.

I know there is an option -nosurf for this purpose and I’m sure it works for mmg2d and mmg3d. However, it doesn’t work with mmgs in the command shown blow. The open boundary is also coarsened in the output mesh.

mmgs_O3 surface.mesh -hmax 0.5 -hausd 0.001 -nosurf



I’m not sure if I missed something, or -nosurf doesn’t work with mmgs in the first place. Can anyone help here?



surface.mesh (81.8 KB)
surface.o.mesh (14.9 KB)