How to obtain global vertex ID after running parmmg

I recently managed to couple our fluid solver to parmmg and I am able to obtain an adapted mesh in parallel. Currently I am working on outputting the global mesh into a single file using HDF5 such that our solver is able to read it. For that I need to construct the global face2node map and I was wondering if there is a way to retrieve the global vertex IDs on each partition.

Is is possible to switch on the computation of global labels (on nodes and triangles) at the exit of the library by setting to 1 the parameter PMMG_IPARAM_globalNum, then the global IDs can be collected with the API functions PMMG_Get_vertexGloNum, PMMG_Get_verticesGloNum, PMMG_Get_triangleGloNum, PMMG_Get_trianglesGloNum (see libparmmg.h).
They return global labels on all nodes/triangles.