Getting mmg added to conda-forge

Conda has become a great platform for packages across Unix, Windows, ARM etc. It would be great to see mmg added to this platform to greatly expand accessibility for the tool. A quick look at the mmg build tools makes it seem like it would be fairly straight forward to plug mmg into the conda-forge CI/CD infrastructure. Is there interest in adding mmg?

Indeed. @Algiane if you need, I can help you in adding to the Inria Gitlab CI

meta.yaml (2.3 KB) That is great to hear. I made a start and have attached the recipe so far.


@ngodber: thank you for your contribution and for the conda recipe. Do I have something else to do to complete your package?

@loumalouomega: thank you too, I would appreciate your help. What is your idea?

Something similar to this:

@Algiane To start building a recipe fork conda-forge/staged-recipes: A place to submit conda recipes before they become fully fledged conda-forge feedstocks ( create a new branch ‘add-mmg’ make your modifications against that branch and hten when its ready submit a PR against staged recipes. This will trigger conda-forge to execute the CI/CD workflow and you can troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Fortunately all the feedstocks are open source so when I build recipes I crib heavily on others work. libigl have a feed stock which can be viewed here: igl-feedstock/recipe at master · conda-forge/igl-feedstock ( There is also a conda-forge gitter channel for additional assistance.

the solution at @loumalouomega linked seems a deal more complicated so I can’t advise on that. My one comment would be that conda-forge supplies a bot that monitors a git repo and if a new release is added the recipe will be automatically run.

I also noticed libigl manages build via python. This isn’t necessary, I normally make cmake command calls directly (if the package doesnt have a inbuilt python implementation).

Hey guys, just touching base on this. Excited to see this make its way to conda-forge.

Hi @ngodber,

As it exists lot of package managers and as I don’t have lot of time, I don’t want to spend too much time to create packages and I prefer to rely on external contributions for that. So if you want to submit a PR on conda-forge/staged-recipes, it will be welcome.

To help a little, I have made modifications in the meta.yaml (1.0 KB) file. I have added:

  • the cmake dependency for the build step;
  • the suitable infos in the about section;
  • my name for in the recipe-maintainers section;

It is not tested because I don’t know how to use conda ;-).

In practice, Mmg doesn’t use python at all so I guess that all the python related commands must be modified but I don’t know how.
To run the minimal tests of Mmg, normally we use the following cmake configuration flags: -DBUILD_TESTING=ON -DONLY_VERY_SHORT_TESTS=ON and then we run the ctest command.

I hope that it will help,
Best Regards,