Generated files in the source directory and in the repository


Why the generated files (lbmmgtypesf.h for example) are written in the source directory, and why theses files are in the repository (git)?

Normally, when using CMake the source directory must stay clean, and all the generated files (headers, .o, .dll, .so) are in the build directory and not in the source directory. this make me lost some of my changes because the user don’t know if the file is generated of is a source file.

Even worst these generated files are committed in the repository!!!



Hi Felipe,

I am that sorry that you lost changes!
We try to avoid such problems by adding a message saying that the file must not be modified on the header of the file (but I am not surprised that you haven’t see it).

The generated files are written in the source directory and committed because, in the past, their generations may fail over some operating systems (we were using the exuberant-ctag package that was not natively provided on Mac OS X for example and not available on Windows). We wanted to create the files automatically if possible for the user but, otherwise, we wanted to provide it…

The scripts have been modified (and the exuberant-ctag dependence have been removed) since but I haven’t check that the file generation works for the main operating systems (without package installations), thus, I didn’t update the cmake files.

I will look at this for the next release and, if possible, remove the files from the source directory and repository.
Thank you for the feedback.

Best regards,



Thanks for the information,



Hi Felipe,

I close this subject because since the release 5.3.0 we do not generate files in the source directory anymore.