Fortran ParMMG API: Get parent of boundary element

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I am trying to convert the use of MMG3D in the ElmerFEM to ParMMG. However I can’t seem to find a ParMMG equivalent for MMG3D_GET_TetFromTria. Does one exist? How should one recover the parent elements when using ParMMG API. I couldn’t find an example of this in the libexamples folders.

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Hello @iwheel ,

This API is not yet implemented. I think that it is very simple to add because it is just a wrapper to the Mmg API. I will try to add this as soon as possible.

I just prefer to warn you that there will be no real support on ParMmg (in the sense of long time bug fixes or new development): the post-doc that was working on the software works on another project now and the members of the Mmg consortium (that are funding my position) have given priority to the stabilization and the development of Mmg.

I will try to add a warning to the ParMmg repository so users will not have too bad surprises by interfacing it.

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My previous answer may seem a bit cold: this was not my intention at all.
I can assure a minimal support on ParMmg for the next year of course (which will be very limited though).
The consortium meets annually to prioritize actions so things may change in the coming years!

Good evening in any case.

Hi @Algiane

Thanks for your response. It would great if you could add this feature to the API. ParMMG is working nicely on an Elmer test case using a centralised mesh apart from the recovery on the parent element info into the Elmer format. The next step is to get it to work with a distributed mesh.



It is implemented in the branch feature/tetFromTria-API but not tested, does this bother you to test it ?

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Brilliant! Thanks for your quick update. I hadn’t realised when I asked it was just a wrapper around the mmg3d. I can test it and just create a pull request if anything needs modifying.


Thanks a lot!

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