Disabling automatic markers at nodes

Hello again,
I would like to know if it is possible to prevent mmg from adding a marker to the nodes while remeshing. I need to use makers at required nodes (the fourth column in the .mesh in the section Vertices) to recover the old numbering (I’m trying to preserve pyramids as can be done for prisms). My problem is that mmg adds other markers while remeshing, so I’m not able to recover the old markers, or in general to debug my code in a robust way.
Is there a way to “disable” mmg automatic marking?

Thank you and have a nice week-end,

Hello Francesca,
Mmg should be able to preserve the reference on the required nodes. Which version/commit are you using? (I have also been using the references of required points for your very same purposes quite recently)


Hello Luca,

I’m using the version 5.4.1. Actually the markers that I put at the vertices of the pyramids were always preserved, but mmg was adding other markers… but not anymore. Actually I changed some stuff on my code and for the moment I’m not able to reproduce this behavious anymore. Maybe I was doing some other mistake.
Thank you anyway for your help. If I’ll find again a similar behaviour, I will write you again.

Kind regards,

Dear Francesca,
OK, I confirm that point references are preserved in v5.5.1 (my last check), so do not hesitate to write back if you get the problem again.