A cylindrical surface getting swollen

Hello forum,
with this parameters

  • MMG meshing parameters
  • Hausdorff distance: 2.01053
  • hmin: 4.02105
  • hmax: 80.4211
  • hgrad: 1.3

the “long” cylindrical surfaces of the shown component

whose initial triangularion is shown

after surface meshing have become swollen, as shown?

Grazie mille


Can you try using a smaller value for sharp angle detection, say 5 degrees? If you are using command line then, -ar 5.
Refer to: -ar – Mmg Platform

Once you have the first remeshed part, again use mmg with the default angle detection to generate better quality mesh.

I think what is happening is that MMG is not able to detect the sharp edge, hence it tries to smoothen the surface.

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Sourabh Bhat
Post-Doc, INRIA

Thank you very much,
exactly as you said. In the picture, "I) " means one iteration with ;
"I) , II) " means two iterations, the first with ar = degrees1, the
last with ar = degrees2